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MicroBit Inventions

The BBC Microbit is a small, yet amazingly powerful computer, designed to get children actively involved in coding and inventing. In 2018, they were distributed to all secondary schools in the country for year 7 children to use ... by why wait until then!

In this club, children will learn the coding skills of sequencing, loops, variables and conditional statements. Using a blockly programming language, children will use their creative problem-solving skills to complete fun challenges to code home tech - a fitbit, security device, light sensor, and a simple game.

Age appropriate: Aimed at children in Year 5 & 6, also confident Year 4 coders. 

Equipment requirements: Ideally, children will purchase a BBC Microbit [these cost around £15 - available from online retailers]. Though the software children will use does have a simulator, a lot of functionality is limited without a physical device. PC, Mac, or Chromebook with any browser and internet connection.

Cost£30 for the 5 session course (recommended 5 - 10+ hours learning).


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