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Digital Games Creator

In this <Mini>Coder club, children create their own platform style video games, decomposing each aspect of game design – graphics, layout, gameplay, characters, backgrounds, and animation - by configuring and decorating each pixel block using Bloxels 2.0 software. Children learn to debug their creations, uplevelling the complexity as they progress.

A great club for developing children's computational thinking skills of decomposition (breaking problems down into smaller parts) debugging, and creativity. It's also good for improving children's perserverance and resiliance.

Age Appropriate: The club is ideal for those in Year 3 & 4 without coding experience, and the added features in the 2.0 update also engage and challenge those in Year 5 & 6, developing their computational thinking skills of decomposition, abstraction, debugging and creativity.

Equipment Requirements: Free App download - Android, Fire, iOS; or, PC, Mac, or Chromebook (browser based). Software is accessed via Log-in to our BLOXELS EDU platform (free for the duration of the course).

Cost: £30 for the 5 session course (recommended 5 to 10+ hours of learning). Note: Life time access to the App is available at the end of the course with a payment of $9.99 to Bloxels EDU directly.


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