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3D Design Intro

In this MiniCoders club, children will expore 3D Computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce their own amazing 3D Creations.

They will learn about key 3D design concepts while developing their computational thinking skills of decomposition and pattern seeking. Children will also explore how they can create code to manipulate shapes to produce more complex and fascinating objects, finishing with their own super 3D character.

Children will also have the opportunity to have some of their designs 3D printed for a small extra charge.

Age appropriate: This club is great for the creative minded child in Years 3 to 7 and no coding experience is required. Note: Children should have some experience of using a mouse or touchpad.

Equipment requirements: PC, Mac, or Chromebook with any browser and internet connection (site - Tinkercad). Actual 3D printing (optional) will be a small extra charge.

Cost: £30 for 5 sessions (recommended 5 to 10+ hours of learning).


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